We may no longer have our choice of our favorite sunscreen.

Despite the fact that sunscreen is so essential to living a healthy life, access to high-SPF sunscreens is at risk in some parts of the country. We believe protecting your skin, and the health of your family, is the most important thing.  Banning certain sunscreens is a bad idea for American families.

High SPF is proven to protect better.

Sunscreen products work by decreasing the ability of UV rays to penetrate your skin for a period of time. Higher SPF sunscreens prevent a greater amount of sunburning rays from reaching your skin. The protection offered by sunscreen is proportional to the SPF value, which means a person wearing SPF 100 will take twice as long to burn as if wearing SPF 50. The damage from the incremental sun exposure can become significant over a lifetime.

Studies show that people apply 25-50% of the amount of sunscreen used in SPF lab testing, thereby receiving 25-50% of the labeled SPF value.

To put it another way, applying half the tested amount of an SPF30 product will only provide SPF15 protection. Using a high SPF helps ensure you’re getting adequate protection, even if you under-apply. This is why protecting access to high-SPF sunscreen is so important. 

A landmark study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology (JAAD) showed SPF100+ provides significantly greater protection against sunburn than SPF50+ in actual use on the ski slopes of Vail, Colorado.  This is the largest published study directly comparing the benefits of high SPF sunscreens in real world conditions and provides important clinical evidence that high SPF is beneficial to consumers.

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